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Post by Epps on 16/7/2010, 17:42

Welcome to the Pulp Fortress forum!
Before posting on the forums, these are some rules that you must read and follow. Don't worry, this will only take a minute and make sure you don't get 101 warnings.

-Keep it English, we don't speak Russian.
No seriously, we don't speak Russian on Pulp and even if we did we would like it if this forum stays English.

-No hateful comments or bullying in any form.
This includes racism, sexism or any type of hatred from one user towards another.

-No thread hijacking.
Hijacked threads will be locked or splitted depending on the situation and the poster will be warned.

-No off-topicness in serious forums/threads.
These will be removed and the poster will be warned. The serious forums are everything in the Admin Corner, everything except for the news section in the Pulp Fortress, the Members corner except for introductions and activity and all forums in the Scrim section.

-No spam or advertisements.
Most of us have perfect working penises and don't need Viagra to get it going. Of course you are free to show us this cool site you made or some new awesome program everyone should know about.

-Show respect to every member of the forum.
If you have a problem with someone, go over AIM, Steam, MSN, Skype, mail or anything and fix it there. We don't need topics about how you hate a certain person. These topics will be removed and you will get a warning. If the case is serious or stays unresolved you can contact an admin by using a private message.

-No explicit adult content.
That means that you should keep threads safe-for-work. Of course we don't mind some nudity as long as it's relevant and you have tagged the post with NSFW and/or spoiler the image. Still, keep it within the boundaries, okay?

-No uploading copyrighted materials without permission.
We don't like lawsuits since they cost a lot of money. However we do tolerate torrents and file sharing sites. If you don't agree with this rule please do not discuss it in a random thread but make a thread with your opinion on the subject. Failing to do this will result in a removal and warning.

If you do fail to follow these rules the admins are free to decide if they want to apply certain actions or not. This will be decided by looking at the situation and the user's past events on the forums and server. If you get banned you will be informed of your ban details and duration with a Private Message.

Please note the Trolling section has it's own set of rules. Still certain rules that speak for itself also apply there,

Rules last updated July 15, 2010

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