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Post by Eraserhead on 18/8/2010, 08:54

Just installed a new admin plugin on the orange server. The admin menu now has some nice additional features. These commands are only available for level2 admins and up:

* sm_alpha - sets player alpha (visibility) 0 is invisible, 255 is opaque (normal)
* sm_colorize - sets player color (normal to revert)
* sm_ff - toggles friendly fire (this is triggered from the Server Commands admin menu)
* sm_happy - replaces clients text chat with strings from happy_phrases.ini
* sm_invis - toggles or sets player invisibility
* sm_invisplayer - toggles or sets player invisibility (does not affect player weapon)
* sm_tele - Teleports player to where admin is looking
* sm_explode - Explodes player(s)
* sm_disco - changes all players colors to random every x seconds (this is triggered from the Server Commands admin menu). x is defined by cvar sm_discointerval.

The happy command is quite funny, you can use it when someone is typing insulting stuff or raging in chat. Everytime someone types their text will be replaced by one of these sentences:

I love the admins on this server! I wonder if they would kick me?
I'm So happy!! Smile
I used to be able to talk but I forgotted how.
I <3 you guys Smile
Don't drop a spoon.. I might FLIP OUT AND KILL THE ENTIRE TOWN!
The Bold and The Beautiful is my favorite TV show
If I don't take my meds soon I may die.
Please Kick me i hack
I love Hyrdo its my favorite map

If you have more nice sentences you would like to see added to this file post them in the suggestions forum Smile

The disco command can be found in the server menu and all other commands in the player menu.



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