Tired of vista/win7 picture viewer?

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Tired of vista/win7 picture viewer? Empty Tired of vista/win7 picture viewer?

Post by Epps on 29/1/2010, 16:45

The first I noticed when I changed from a XP Pc to Vista laptop was that the picture viewer was terible. Animated gifs didn't play, load times were longer and basicly, I hated it. That was why I looked for a replacement for it and the program I found turned out to be perfect. It is called IrfanView and it is a really basic and yet very customizeble program. It can show about every file there is including movies (altough I still prefer Media Player Classic for that), music and even text-files. Anyway, everyone should try it out. You can dowload it free and legally over at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and works on about every Windows computer, yes I also mean Windows 95. Not that everyone who is still using Windows 95 should have upgraded a long time ago...

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