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TF2 stats for Windows Mobile Empty TF2 stats for Windows Mobile

Post by Epps on 2/2/2010, 12:56

Haya everyone. I was busy browsing for some new apps for my HTC when I came across this:
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It is a TF2 stats browser, it shows all your steam stats from TF2 by entering your Steam-ID. Okay, not the best way to share with your friends...
'Hey what's your steam-id?'
'Ow well, erm, that's 76561197997759713.... or was it 76561197997759712?'
'Could you repeat that for me?'
'Sure thing, 7656119979777859713... Wait no...'
Anyway, this app is just 1 day old, a little buggy but it works. Guess in the next update there will be support for steam names, or at least custom urls for they are much easier to remember then your ID. So if you are like me, an idiot who wants all kinds of apps on his/her phone, go ahead and try it.

Now if you excuse me, my show is on TV and I'm watching it on my phone because I can...

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