Clan map please here me out

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Clan map please here me out Empty Clan map please here me out

Post by Mortelle-Corteau on 17/2/2010, 21:13

Hey guys its Mortelle here i know im not actually in the clan yet but i had an idea

I was thinking, and this depends on how many mappers in the clan but anyway i was thinking we could make a community map some admin or experienced mappers make the base of the map,i was thinking a cp/payload map. then the file gets emailed around and everyone makes a few changes adds so basic stuff and then Vwalah! we have a map made by the community.

i also thought just to make sure people dont screw it up for everybody. we have a discussion and then decide the basis of maps and people get a copy for themselfs and do what they want to it then we pick the best maps through a poll or somthing and then we could put it on the server or somthing like that Smile

tell me if somthing doesnt make sense and please post your thoughts and feelings about this.
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