My custom maps, extra server?

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My custom maps, extra server? Empty My custom maps, extra server?

Post by hyce777 on 21/2/2010, 14:29

So, now that we have two servers....

It would be nice to host some of my custom maps on the server, because as many of you know, I've made a fair amount of maps... Let's see if I can list all of the current versions of my maps off the top of my head:

CTF Corridor 8
KOTH Slopes 7
CP Northwest 9
CP Work Yard 12
PLR Mines 1 (needs some fixing... Carts don't go all the way)
CP Woods/Woods small (woods isn't worth it, WAYYYY to big)
CP Death Box Awesome 2 (Epic)
CP Construct (not gmod)
CP Main Line
PL Waterway (Started that baby yesterday, looking good, first stage is basically done in terms of form)

And out of those, Northwest, Work Yard, Mines (once fixed) Death Box Awesome, and Waterway are worthy of being on a server.

Plus, I need help testing waterway with a fair amount of people, and the most I can get on the CGMZ server is a 3 versus 3. And I know you PULP guys have a lot of buddies who'd love to help me test, so why not put it on the PULP stock server?
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