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Recruiting Group? Empty Recruiting Group?

Post by Jonesie|UKCS| on 5/3/2010, 14:40

I have just only thought of a group for those people who : Myself and a few other admins recruit. So, since we have this as our applying tag :[PULP], I have thought over a Recruiting Group, so myself and other admins can invite them to the group. We could put up certain announcements and events in their, like PUGS etc etc.

For the group's avatar, we could have the regular PULP one, but with Recruiting underneath the P.

If you approve of this, then say yes, and WHY you approve of it. If not, then say WHY.
Thank you.

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I am banned, sad face! Unban me! I don't deserve it !
I am banned, sad face! Unban me! I don't deserve it !

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