Important Policy change on joining the clan!

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Important Policy change on joining the clan! Empty Important Policy change on joining the clan!

Post by Eraserhead on 10/3/2010, 21:05

After all the discussions we had in the forums the admins deliberated and we have decided that from now on we will use the following rules before new members can join the clan. This is in effect immediately. Current members who are still wearing the [PULP] tag will be judged on the requirements listed below. We will not kick current members and applicants who are younger then 16 but this rule will be in effect for new applicants.

-The acceptance period will be a month instead of a week
-Voting can start only after that one month, not sooner (don't know how to prevent people voting but i guess if members vote prematurely the forum admins will have to delete those votes)
-Required votes will be: 3 admin votes and 3 member votes
-KD ratio of at least 0.8 or higher (except when medic is dominating class)
-Acquire a rank in the top150
-During the first month the applicant will do a 1vs1 session with a level 2 or 3 admin to test the members skills, the admin will report his findings in the applicants topic
-Minimum age will be 16

The sticky that new applicants read before applying has been changed:



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