.dem of Greezy as demo

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.dem of Greezy as demo Empty .dem of Greezy as demo

Post by ninji on 2/4/2010, 00:42

We were playing our normal roles, me as Medic, healing him while he dominates. Today he mentioned "Oh man, I wish I were recording." So I decided to start recording, and here is the .dem

This is predominantly for Greezy to view himself, but everyone is welcome to watch. Its nothing special, but does show off quite a few impressive kills.

Download here:
rapidshare.com greez3.dem.html

Note, Rapidshare only allows 10 downloads, so if it exceeds 10, download from here instead:
rapidshare.com greez3.dem.html

EDIT: I looked at it, and... I have no idea what the füc& was wrong with my ping. It was absurdly high. When I joined, for the first 30 minutes, it was at my average, then sky rocketed to 370.
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