Tech Support Guidelines (read before posting)

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Tech Support Guidelines (read before posting) Empty Tech Support Guidelines (read before posting)

Post by Epps on 5/5/2010, 13:22

So you want some help with your computer? That’s possible since there are quite a lot of geeks in our clan. However geeky as we might be we aren’t telepathic gifted so please always provide us with the following information:
-Your current OS
-The problem with details
-Major changes you made before the problem occurred.
-All other data which could be relevant to your problem.
We need to know all these things in order to help you as fast as possible. Just telling us ‘Steam is losing connection a lot, help plox’ isn’t enough. Also note that stupid questions like ‘where can I download drivers’ will result in either you getting heavily trolled or the thread getting removed on sight.

Thanks for your time and have a nice, bug-free day

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Tech Support Guidelines (read before posting) Sgtpepper17

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