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Changing maps on VIP Empty Changing maps on VIP

Post by Eraserhead on 24/5/2010, 15:12

I have asked Jameless to make a change to the vote system on VIP. I have noticed that sometimes our members wish to play on the VIP server on a specific map but they need a level2 admin to change the map.

From now on this is not needed anymore. Any player can just type 'nominate' in chat, pick the map of their choosing and then type 'rtv' in chat to get a list of maps to choose from (the map you nominated earlier should be in that list). When you choose the map it will switch to that one instantly. So please don't abuse this feature if other people don't want to change map.

PS: It requires at least 2 people on the server and 75% of the people to type rtv to bring up the vote.



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