Download the spray and use it!

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Download the spray and use it! Empty Download the spray and use it!

Post by Eraserhead on 11/6/2010, 14:29

Pneu just made a great spray to promote the spray contest. I request the help of every member to promote this contest by using this spray ingame!!

You can download it as a zipped vtf + vmt file at the bottom of this post.

This is what it looks like:

Download the spray and use it! Pulp_s10

Pneu wrote:Most of you probably know how to add a spray into TF2. As Eraserhead requested, I'll write a short description for those who don't:

Put your spray (.Vtf+.vmt file) in both the 'logos' and 'ui' folder. Illustrated below:
C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\<Your username>\team fortress 2\tf\materials\vgui\logos\ui

If any of these folders don't exist, just create new ones, put them in the same order and name them the same as above.

Start TF2. Go into options -> Multiplayer. Press the button 'Import spray' and start browsing for your spray. The location of the spray is same as above.
(I'm not 100% sure, but pick the .Vtf file in the 'logos' folder. This works for me). Apply the changes and you should be ready to let people all across the TF2 universe know this contest exist!

If you want to participate in the spray contest go here:
Download the spray and use it! Attachment
Spray Download the contest spray here!You don't have permission to download attachments.(29 Kb) Downloaded 7 times



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