Thank you my heardhaded friend! (Engineer tactics)

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Thank you my heardhaded friend! (Engineer tactics) Empty Thank you my heardhaded friend! (Engineer tactics)

Post by Epps on 9/12/2009, 21:59

Aw, Engineer. I really love to play with this class mostly for it’s simplicity. There aren’t any real unlockables (except for a hat) so the basic equipment is all you need.

First off, I always build a teleporter entrance in the spawn. Some prefer to build a exit to get easy metal, I find it unpractical except for when I’m defending the last CP. Next, I go build stuff depending on where everyone is.
First thing, a dispenser for it provides both me and my team with metal, ammo and health. I like to build this away from the rest of my gear (but not too far) so I can easily rebuild my stuff when it gets destroyed.
Second, a sentry. It will provide you with cover and pushes back the other team. However when you’ve build a sentry you’re getting more and more likely to be paid a visit from a spy. So keep an eye out for suspicious people like slow scouts.
Third, a teleporter. It will really speed up your team. They will reach the battlefield a lot faster after they got killed. Combine that with a medic and you’ll be winning in no time…

Now, you might want to upgrade your gear (hitting your gear with the wrench). This all depends on how you play.
First off, I build my dispenser followed by a sentry. After building my sentry I let my dispenser provide me with some nice metal which I use to upgrade it to lvl 2. followed by my sentry which I upgrade to lvl 2 or 3 depending on where I put it (defensive or offensive).
Lastly I upgrade my teleporter straight to lvl 3. I usually do this when I’ve been killed and in spawn. Easy metal, easy upgrade. Just be sure there is someone to protect your gear.

That’s about it, of course when you’re playing with more then one engineer you can build your gear in a different order although some players don’t like you to use their dispenser for metal (even though they don’t use it). Just play around and you will learn it.

Also, keep a look out for spies. You can recognize them rather easy. Folk with full health don’t need a dispenser, slow scouts aren’t scouts and people with your name aren’t you! Anyway, there’s no harm in using your shotgun to hit everyone. If however a spy manages to get to your gear, let someone else kill it while you go and save your gear. If you’re alone however, kill the spy and then save your gear (use the wrench to destroy sappers).

That's about it. Not sure if you would make a good engi? Just try it with another engi. I'm sure he will provide you with help.

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Thank you my heardhaded friend! (Engineer tactics) Empty Re: Thank you my heardhaded friend! (Engineer tactics)

Post by Eraserhead on 13/12/2009, 10:21

I have to reply on this since engineer is my dominating class. I used to pal it A LOT on IKtR but nowadays i only play it when the team really needs one. I love playing engie because this class can have a lot of influence on which team is going to push forward and win. I also used to play it a lot because of my bad ping so the sentry would do the work for me but now i have gotten used to deal with my high ping.

Of course the first thing you build is allways a tele entrence in the base. But just take some extra time to uprade it to level 3 before you've built the exit! That way you have a working tele that can transport your teammembers to that location they are needed. This can really be used effectively on orange to win the game which is, as you know, not an easy task.

When i leave base sometimes i first build a despenser and upgrade that to level 2. But not allways! It can be a good tactic to first build a sentry. When an enemy walks into it give him some shots from your shotgun while the sentry is hitting him. I have killed soldiers and heavies that way. Right after that pickup the metal and upgrade your sentry to level 2. Let the sentry kill the next unaware bugger and take his metal to and THEN make a dispenser. After this you can make tele exit.

You can also make a tele exit first so your team gains the upperhand by the element of surprise (at the beginning of the match this can be usefull). Just grab the metal from the victims of your teammates who just teleported and build from there.

Another important tip is to NOT put all your stuff together. You can place your sentry a few meters away from you dispenser but the best is that your teleport exit is way out of sight. That way demo's or spies cant destroy all three in one time. They keep concentrating on your dispenser and sentry while your buddies keep coming through the exit even when your sentry/disp is down.

My most important tip is to develop the skill to move up really fast. Place a sentry around the corner near the enemy base (behind the slope). When they run up they get hit guaranteed because they don't see the sentry at first because it's behind the slope. But the hard part is setting it up here because of all the enemy traffic that passes here. Thew way you should do this is keep slapping the sentry while running around it. Slapping sentries, tele's and dispensers while being build makes them complete faster! And thats very important when moving up.

And allways spycheck! This means that you can't stand still near a dispenser or you will get backstabbed. Keep moving around it and if you can stand on top of your dispenser (crouch jump).



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