This is kind of old, but I'm just putting it up as a record.

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This is kind of old, but I'm just putting it up as a record. Empty This is kind of old, but I'm just putting it up as a record.

Post by Firestar on 2/2/2010, 23:54

Here are the facts:
1. I am certainly not trying to keep this going, or start anything new, this is just a record. I'm putting this up so that if anything happens in the future, this is evidence.
2. I know that most members of PULP were not there on either occurance, so if you don't want to believe me, well, whatever.
3. Eraserhead was there on the second occurance, but was somehow not listening to voice chat.
4. This is what happened. I will try to remember it to the best of my ability, and please, both of you, don't take any offense, unless you want to start another argument.

First occurance: A few weeks ago, don't remember the date, Biggsly was being rude and annoying in general. He told me to "shut the f*** up" several times. This was the first time I met him. Tendo can testify to this, he was there, and he muted him.

Second occurance: A few days ago, I joined the server. Biggsly and Impalsi were on, alltalk was on. After a certain point, Impalsi would make noises over my microphone, so that it was almost completely unaudible. Biggsly would then repeatedly tell me that my mic was screwed up and kept making wierd noises. I of course knew it was Impalsi, and warned him several times. I understand that this is more warnings than most admins give. I then asked Biggsly if he wanted me to make the noises stop, he said yes, so I kicked Impalsi. Biggsly proceeded to yell at me for kicking Impalsi. Impalsi joined again, and was angry as well. Throughout the game, they were talking about how "everyone in PULP is pretty cool, except for Firestar." They were also acting throughout that they had no idea why I had kicked him.

Evidence: Well, even though Eraserhead is pretty much the leader, he didn't seem to hear any of the voice chat, so if there's anyone who heard this, please come forward, because these two seem to have completely absorbed my credibility as a clan member/admin.
I can also say one thing that proves they know what they did: The fact that they were yelling at me for kicking him.
Let me elaborate: When someone is kicked, it says: Impalsi left the game (Kicked by console). It tells the kicked player, "kicked by administrator."
There were several admins on. This means that it could've been any one of them that kicked me. But they knew it was me, because I was the one they had been screwing with.
This means they obviously know what they had been doing. If they say that they didn't do anything, or didn't do anything to me on purpose, this proves that it's a blatant lie.

Again, I will state, mainly for Eraserhead, whom this will "dissapoint," but also for everyone else, that I am not trying to start anything else. This is purely a record, and to help smooth everything out. Also, if Biggsly or Impalsi would like to give me any reasons why they decided to do this, and to me, that would be great, but as of now, I have no clue why they targeted me.

I have also added them both as friends. I guess their maturity level might show a bit in whether they accept or not. If they do accept, I will try to talk with them both personally to try to smooth this out.

If you're going to take action in any of this, please read this all the way through, and don't skim.
Thank you for your time.


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This is kind of old, but I'm just putting it up as a record. Empty Re: This is kind of old, but I'm just putting it up as a record.

Post by Panda on 3/2/2010, 00:38

I understand your points firestar but there is no reason to keep record of this. You should have taken this to private chat after the occurrence in the other thread that we have started. Please refrain from bring this problem back to the server. I'm glad that you are trying to clear this in everyones heads but it seems like this is dragging on. Please drop this I know you're not trying to start problems but this is just going to start another war i the forums that is un-needed.

As for this note I hope this is where it ends. If any other problems like this occurs then take one thread on the forum post it in the flame thrower section and then resolve it in PM and if that takes it even deeper into a ditch then post the conversation on the thread that you have started so we can analyze it.

On this note this problem should not have anymore threads please and thank you.

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