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making videos (like the pros) Empty making videos (like the pros)

Post by LOOK IT'S ADAM!!! on 3/4/2010, 14:50

  1. While playing the game, type “record <demoname>” in the console, where <demomname> is the name of the demo file you want to save. When you are done, type “stop” in the console

  2. Try to get your FPS up as high as possible, the demo stores data per-frame. Having a high fps will prevent many of the skipping issues people seem to have.

  3. When you are ready to record, type “demoui” in the console, this brings up a GUI which is pretty self explanatory. Load your demo, find the spot you want to start the video from.

  4. There are a few keys to getting a smooth video from the recorder:
    1. Record at a ridiculous framerate(above 240) using the host_framerate command, if you have a video editor with frame blending capabilities, you can get perfect motion blur, it looks sexy. REMEMBER THE NUMBER YOU USED, it’s important later on.
    2. If you do the suggestion in (a.) be sure to set the demo_timescale and host_timescale commands to something low, like .1. this causes the demo playback code to interpolate the points, so that this doesn’t happen(jittery ghosting characters): VIDEO this is a good idea in general and a setting of .5 can remove most jitter from a normal recording
    3. c. Play through the entire length you want to record before you start making the video. This puts the demo information in a buffer so the game doesn’t have to completely load it as it goes along.

  5. When all of that is taken care of, go to your starting point and type “startmovie <name>”. <name> is the name of your video, it should be one word, without any numbers at the end. Exit the console and hit “play” on the demoui window then exit it. Your video is now being recorded in the form of one targa image per frame. This gets huge fast, make sure you have enough room(50 gigs for long videos), if you run out, your computer crashes. enter "endmovie" into the console to end the movie, it will lag quite a bit when you do this.

  6. Get virtualdub up and running (website here) select “open video file” from the “file” dropdown menu. Select the first picture in the sequence, it should be named “<name>00000”

  7. Be sure to set the framerate in the video options pulldown menu. Set it to what you set your video to run at in step 4.a

  8. You can now save the video as an .avi. this file will also be huge, slightly larger than the sum of all the pictures you saved. When it is finished it is ok to delete the pictures and free up some space.

  9. Import the generated video into your favorite editor, enable frame blending, and set the framerate to whatever you want it to end up like. Export it to whatever format you wish, some handle compression better than others. I use .wmv mostly because it’s tiny and I don’t have a whole bunch of space.

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making videos (like the pros) Empty Re: making videos (like the pros)

Post by Eraserhead on 12/4/2010, 21:23

Somehow this topic got past me, thnx Adam i made a sticky out of it.



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