Just a warning (and a helpful suggestion!)

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Just a warning (and a helpful suggestion!) Empty Just a warning (and a helpful suggestion!)

Post by Young Greezy on 21/5/2010, 00:17

Lately, I have been into a website called TF2 lobby. They have a lobby which organizes competitive 6v6 or 9v9 (highlander) games. It is great and I would encourage you all to get involved as often as possible. Me and monke just played tonight and had a great time.

However, just as a friendly warning - If you see the VIP server full or near capacity, with only a couple of pulp members and a bunch of random names, please, do not join. (Unless you are joining through TF2 Lobby) Even if the game has started and there is a player missing, the lobby puts up a substitute request, so don't join.

The way tf2 lobby works is that a game cannot start and people cannot connect to the server until 12 players join our lobby on the website. If you join, this will take a player's spot who has already registered. This in turn makes our server look bad, giving us less popularity in the TF2Lobby universe. If you wish to join these PUGS, join TF2Lobby.com and join the PULP lobby from the lobby menu. This will ensure you are properly registered.

Just some info about the website.

-Games last on average about 40 minutes, or 1 map (first to five wins).
-Player skill level varies, but people tend to play organized and smart, with the exception of a few jackasses.
-You WILL get better playing TF2 lobby. Quickly and substantially.
-Dropping early gives you bad rep, and I would highly suggest you try and stay for a full match.
-There will almost always be someting "wrong" with the server you are on. (People love to complain)
-You do run into some good players and some famous clans (enigma, pandemic, for example)
-If you play smart and have success, you will have fun.
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