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Post by Vital on 24/8/2010, 11:10

In this picture, its a map of the PvP Scramble Mission which where a control point will pop up randomly anywhere on the map and everyone would focus on that control point to capture it. To win you have to capture the point 3 times against the enemy team.

PvP Scramble Map

In this pvp Scramble type map, the points would randomly popped up anywhere on the 3 levels of this map. You would need to jump from the top where you spawn and head to the bottom trying to slow your fall with your jetpack as you get close to impact. Trying to kill people as you fall becomes way intense and fun as your also trying to keep track from how far are ya to the bottom.

Scramble: Blackwater Loch
Vertical type map
Bottom of the area
Looking up from the Bottom

Statues of each classes.

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