Hey Eraser, has that plugin been updated yet?

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Hey Eraser, has that plugin been updated yet? Empty Hey Eraser, has that plugin been updated yet?

Post by Taco_Human on 1/8/2010, 23:40

A month after the engie update and I would expect it to be done by now. I haven't been playing as much lately but I noticed the new engie toys still haven't been added.

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Hey Eraser, has that plugin been updated yet? Empty Re: Hey Eraser, has that plugin been updated yet?

Post by Eraserhead on 2/8/2010, 09:51

The plugin has been updated but webinterface hasn't:

# V6.6

* Added kill tracking for:
o Goomba Stomp (Mod)
o The Lugermorph
o The Big Kill
o The Frontier Justice
o The Wrangler
o The Gunslinger
o The Southern Hospitality
o The Blender Taunt (Gunslinger Taunt)
o The Guitar Taunt (Frontier Justice Taunt)
* Fixed bots getting points for killing buildings (hopefully)
* Now logs players' last used IPs
* Changed all cvar descriptions (ingame) for easier reading
* Reorganized handles and cvars in code (nothing you will notice).
* Added some more mysql/php/html filters to player names.
* Fixed incorrect building IDs

# V6.6.1

* Fixed kills with sentries not being tracked (bug introduced V6.5).
* Now the plugin tracks kills per sentry level, as well as total sentry kills.

# V6.6.2

* Fixed issue an caused by a query buffer being too small and preventing players from being added to sqlite databases. Thanks InflatableSoulmate|BoC !!

# V6.6.3

* Added missing reflect_flare cvar
* Fixed an apparent issue with mysql and UTF8 (Special-char names are now stored correctly).

# V6.6.4

* Corrected typo with reflect_flare cvar [Now: rank_deflect_flarepoints].
* Tweaked the kill code related to bots.
* Slightly changed the connect text. (Now "[Rank X out of X]" vs "[Rank X of X]" before).

So you will get the proper points for kills with wrangler, guitar taunt, etc but they only show up in your total score but not a separate kill icons on the webpage. They are stored in the database so when the webinterface comes out they should display the scores registered since about a week ago (thats when the plugin update came out).

PS: This reminded me, i just installed Goomba stomp on Orange Very Happy



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