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Ranking plugin updated Empty Ranking plugin updated

Post by Eraserhead on 5/9/2010, 12:24

The plugins on the servers have been updated (just technical stuff, no features)

And the webrankings have a new shiny interface!! Check it out here: http://www.pulpfortress.com/tf2stats/index.php

It has a lot of new features:
-Display all items found and crafted
-Display the class where you have the most kills with
-Display a page where you can see the kills you have per class (however you cannot see a ranking page per class i.e. who is the best scout, this will be released in a future version)
-Display comparison of weapons, actions, found items & weapon info between players

You have to edit your forum profile in order for the rankings icon underneath your avatar to work again. To do this click on Profile in the top menu of the forum, scroll down where you see the 'Ranking page' box and copy/paste the link from your personal rankings page there.



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